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The City of Seattle’s Office of the Waterfront & Civic Projects, working with community partner Alliance for Pioneer Square, is improving east-west streets in the heart of Pioneer Square. This project will design and construct improvements on portions of Main, Washington, King and Yesler streets between 2nd Avenue and Alaskan Way.

East-facing view of Smith Tower and Sinking Ship parking garage during fall.
View of Smith Tower in Pioneer Square during fall

This effort will:

  • Connect the heart of historic Pioneer Square to the new 20-acre waterfront park
  • Provide safe, convenient and graceful pedestrian connections
  • Improve accessibility for people of all ages and abilities
  • Strengthen the renewal of public spaces such as Occidental Park
  • Support the economic vitality and culture of the district as a whole

At this online open house, you can:

  • Learn about the updated 60% design for east-west streets
  • Hear how public feedback informs the design

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Project overview

Project boundaries

Map of the study area for the project, which run on Main, Washington, King and Yesler streets between Alaskan Way and Second Avenue.
Map of the original project study area

The following is an accessible description of the above map. This simplistic plan view map shows Pioneer Square East West Connections. The map ranges south to north from S King Street to Columbia Street and East to West from Elliot Bay to 2nd Avenue. There are Pioneer Square specific improvements happening on S King Street, S Main Street, S Washington Street, Yesler Way, and Habitat Beach which is between Pier 48 and Colman Dock. Other Waterfront Seattle Improvements are happening on Alaskan Way and Columbia Street.


Timeline graphic

The following is an accessible description of the above timeline graphic: The graphic shows the project schedule from 2019 through 2023. Design development spans from before 2019 to late 2021, with concept design completed in August 2019. Community engagement runs through whole timeline, with outreach to support design development happening until mid-2022, followed by construction outreach through 2023. An open house and walking tour was held in April 2019, and another open house in July 2019. 60% design open house will be held in the first half of 2021. Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2022 and end in fall 2023.

Guided presentation

Accessible English PDF

Accessible Somali PDF

Accessible Spanish PDF

Accessible Simplified Chinese PDF

Our 60% design (view from above)

Updated aerial map of the project area
This simplistic plan view map ranges south to north from S King Street to Columbia Street and East to West from Elliot Bay to 2nd Avenue to show the Pioneer Square East West Connections project area. There are Pioneer Square specific improvements on portions of Yesler Way, South Washington Street, South Main Street and South King Street between Alaskan Way and Second Avenue.


We’re committed to designing improvements for Pioneer Square that are:

People enjoying food while sitting outdoors in a colorful Pioneer Square alley
(photo credit: Billy Hustace)
A crowd at Pioneer Square Park, including people using wheelchairs and other mobility devices
Young people sitting at a parklet eating pizza together
(photo credit: Billy Hustace)
A close-up of a “leaf of remembrance” in Pioneer Square, a metal leaf inlaid into the pavement that bears the name of a person who died experiencing homelessness in the area
An adult and a child playing ping pong at the public tables in Occidental Park

What we've heard

In Summer 2019, we received input on the project from hundreds of people through our Sounding Board (representing a broad constituency of Pioneer Square of stakeholders), community briefings and an open house and online open house in July. Key feedback themes included:

  • Maximize pedestrian space on east-west streets
  • Convert Main and Washington to one-way narrow streets
  • Build raised intersections and curbless streets to improve access for all
  • Address safety for all, including pedestrian safety
  • Prioritize vehicle loading zones over short-term parking spots
  • Respect the lived experiences and cultures of indigenous and Coast Salish people
Photo of two people viewing a display board showing design options for Pioneer Square in a large hall filled with other people attending an open house.
Visitors to our July 2019 open house

Main & Washington 2

Main and Washington streets

Main and Washington streets serve an important purpose in weaving together Pioneer Square. As non-arterial streets, there are great opportunities to improve the pedestrian experience on these streets, connecting existing open spaces like Occidental Park to the waterfront.

Our concept design for Main and Washington streets:

  • Connects key destinations on the waterfront and the heart of the district at Occidental Park
  • Creates more space for pedestrians, improves access for people with disabilities, calms traffic, adds planting and allows room for sidewalk cafes
  • Accommodates local access while discouraging cut through traffic that is not accessing local destinations in the district
  • Protects vulnerable areaways from heavy loads
  • Uses paving and lighting to highlight the historical shoreline on its current-day streets
  • Revises channelization between Occidental and 2nd, and on 2nd between Main and Washington to allow for local circulation and provide opportunities for parking and loading

Space for pedestrian improvements is created by redesigning Main and Washington streets as quiet one-way streets with one lane of traffic. Current traffic volumes on these streets are very low and easily accommodated in a single lane. Main St would operate eastbound to 2nd Avenue S, and Washington St would operate westbound. Local access and parking/loading would be maintained and accessed through a series of right turns or "access loops."

 In the 1970s, Pioneer Square included curbless streets, such as at Occidental Park and Main St

Yesler Way 2

Yesler Way

Yesler Way design prioritizes pedestrian improvements on the north side of the street to connect to:

  • The ferry terminal (pedestrian crosswalk only on north side of intersection with Alaskan Way)
  • Pioneer Square Park
  • Link Light Rail Tunnel

King Street 2

King Street

Our concept for King St includes:

  • More in-ground plantings
  • Additional street trees
  • Curb bulbs